Alma: Treatment Coordinator and Marketing Guru
Alma is everyone’s friend! Patients and parents alike have been known to hang out well beyond their appointment times just for a mini counseling session with our unofficial in house therapist.  You can ask her anything! She’s there to make your appointment as easy and carefree as possible.  A smile missing from her face is like nachos without cheese, a queen without a crown, a Kardashian without paparazzi! 
Sandra: Benefits Coordinator
The accounting firms known as the “Big 4” wanted to steal Sandra away, but we told her she couldn’t go anywhere…there are patients who need her! Sandra loves keeping accounts in order and insurance companies on their toes because who wants to pay for insurance and not maximize their benefits? It takes a stealthy zen type of patience to wait for hours on hold (om…om…cue deep breathing exercises) trying to collect from those insurance companies, and our patients love her for it!
Areli: Orthodontic Assistant
Everyone knows The Flash is the fastest superhero, right? Well, Areli is like The Flash of orthodontic assistants.  She will sit you down and before you’re even finished exchanging pleasantries, she’s already been in and out of your mouth!  In fact, it all happens so fast, the only proof patients have that she’s been in their mouth is that the pokey wire is no longer poking! Great service, delivered as fast as lightening and with a smile to boot!