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Welcome to Discover Orthodontics

When it comes to treating malocclusion, Discover Orthodontics is the go-to orthodontic practice in Katy, Texas. Dr. Patricia Tran, Dr. Matthew Ng and the dedicated team ensure that every patient receives the personalized and attentive care they need to enjoy a well-aligned bite without jaw pain, chewing complications, or recurrent dental health complications. 

In the warm and welcoming office environment, patients are invited to explore their options for treatment and get answers to their questions about the services they might need. The team intensively plans every treatment with the assistance of digital scanning technology.

Discover Orthodontics treats every patient with progressive solutions, starting with Phase One orthodontics around the time a child turns 7. Phase One orthodontics includes treatments that can help patients avoid needing surgical orthodontics in the future, such as palatal expanders and space maintainers. 

Adult patients or adolescents with adult teeth going through Phase Two orthodontics may be interested in clear aligners or one of several options for braces. Dr. Tran and the team help patients compare clear or ceramic braces, metal braces, and Damon braces to decide which option best matches their goals, needs, and preferences. 

Once treatment is complete, every patient gets a fixed retainer, removable retainer, or both types to enjoy stunning long-term results. Beyond the health and wellness benefits of orthodontic treatment, a more balanced or attractive smile is lasting evidence of the modern, personalized care a patient gets at Discover Orthodontics. 

Schedule a treatment consultation today by calling Discover Orthodontics or using the online booking tool at your convenience.