Your first visit to Discover Orthodontics is the start of an exciting journey towards achieving the smile you've always wanted. We've prepared this guide to help you know what to expect and how to prepare for your initial consultation.

What to Expect

  • Consultation Overview: An outline of what will happen during your first visit, including a thorough oral examination and discussion of potential treatment options.
  • Duration: Typically, the first visit lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, allowing us to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and answer any questions you may have.

Before Your Visit

Patient Forms: To streamline your visit, please complete the necessary patient forms prior to your appointment.

What to Bring: A list of items to bring to your first appointment, such as insurance information and any relevant medical history.

Meeting Our Team

Introduction to Our Staff: You will meet our friendly team, including our orthodontists, Dr. Patricia Tran and Dr. Matthew Ng, who will guide you through the initial consultation process.

Discussing Treatment Options

Overview of Treatments: We'll discuss various treatment options that might be suitable for you, including traditional braces, clear aligners, and other orthodontic solutions.

Personalized Treatment Plan: Our goal is to create a customized treatment plan that aligns with your specific orthodontic needs and lifestyle.

Financial Information

Cost and Payment Options: We'll provide information about the cost of treatment and the available payment and financing options to make your orthodontic care affordable.

Insurance Verification: Our team can help verify your insurance coverage and explain how it can be utilized for your treatment.

Next Steps

Scheduling Your Treatment: After your first visit, we'll schedule follow-up appointments and start planning your orthodontic treatment journey.

Ready for a Beautiful Smile?

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